A conversation with 3 gurus! Very enlightning!

A conversation with 3 gurus! Very enlightning!

A conversation with 3 gurus: JP Sears, Swami Beyondananda and David Ellzey, moderate by Maurizio Benazzo, to enlighten up your day 😉 At SAND16 in the USA we had the unique opportunity of gathering, in the same room, three unique flavors of guru-nesseessness… So this panel was born. Be aware some comments would not be easily understood by mere seekers since these teachings are beyond the usual level of human understanding. And be aware that if we don’t make some fun of our spiritual quest once in a while we risk taking this illusory world too seriously… and, that said, we should take this illusory world VERY seriously as well. And here lies the beautiful paradox of embodying and transcending reality… so… just smile and get on the ride with us…

ABOUT Science and Nonduality (SAND)

Science and Nonduality provides a forum where preeminent scientists, philosophers, teachers, artists and a large, international community gather to explore and advance the new paradigm emerging in spirituality, that is both grounded in cutting-edge science and consistent with the ancient wisdom of nonduality — the deep understanding of the interconnectedness of life.

Ultimately, SAND is a playground where we come together to explore and share insights or simply reflect on what is emerging in consciousness. Knowing defines life, not-knowing reminds us of the mystery and perfection of each and every moment. At SAND, we invite you to stop resisting what is happening right now and surrender to the not-knowingness. Let life and this amazing mystery unfold!

On these pages you will encounter a playful, intellectual, and yet heart-centered community. It is a platform where we explore big questions with curiosity and lightness. Where we share our insights with openness and meet one another beyond concepts, in the silence of this moment.

Your presence here on our SAND platform is an honor and a joy for us. We hope you will find something in our offerings that will inspire you.

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