Andrew Carnegie The Legend Lives On!

Andrew Carnegie The Legend Lives On!

Andrew Carnegie Dictum

In his final days, Andrew Carnegie suffered from bronchial pneumonia. Before his death on 11 August 1919, Mr. Carnegie had donated $350,695,654 for various causes. The ‘Andrew Carnegie Dictum’ illustrates Carnegie’s generous nature:


  • To spend the first third of one’s life getting all the education one can.

  • To spend the next third making all the money one can.

  • To spend the last third giving it all away for worthwhile causes.

Andrew Carnegie was involved in philanthropist causes, but he kept himself away from religious circles. He wanted to be identified by the world as a ‘positivist’. He was highly influenced by John Bright, in public life.

An interview with a resurrected Andrew Carnegie, played by Alan Epley. Conducted by Charles Templeton, and filmed and edited by Joseph Jones. Equipment provided by Exploding Taco Productions. Special thanks to the Eureka Springs Carnegie Public Library, where it was filmed.


“The man who dies rich dies disgraced.”

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