If somebody from Brazil makes a Top 10 List of the best Brazilian Music it sounds quite different. Thaiz Zago from Cuiaba made such a list and her choice is wonderful.  “Maravilhosa” as they say over there. Please enjoy her music here on MyTree.TV. Some Clips which are embedded can only be watched on youtube. However, you are just one click away! At the end of the list there are 3 very interesting documentaries about Mini-Monkeys, the City-Life and the Real Brasil !

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Compartilho com todos vocês que apreciam a boa música do Brasil, esta seleção criteriosamente por mim elaborada. Em meu conceito as 10 que mais me agradam e melhor representam o nosso país.

Um grande abraço de Thaiz Zago.

Before It’s Too Late: Mini Monkeys of Brazil

We all know of the Amazon rain forest. But there was once another great forest in Brazil the Atlantic Rain Forest. Today there’s only 2% of it remaining and the mini monkeys that once lived there are struggling for survival.

City Life – Brazil

By 2030 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. But will the cities have the infrastructure to cope?

The Real…: The Real Brazil

Miss Bern Wahl 2011!

Chris Daughtry on MyTree.TV