Click a TREE!

Click a TREE!

How to plant a tree

The Click a Tree initiative!

Show your readiness to act against climate change: Plant a tree!

Welcome to the European Commission’s Click a Tree website.

Around nine billion tonnes of CO2 is absorbed by trees every year, but nearly two billion tonnes are released through deforestation. By planting more trees, we can demonstrate our commitment to balance of the Earth’s climate and can make our own surroundings a little bit greener!

Join our campaign today and raise awareness of the need to act to tackle climate change.

The European Commission invites young Europeans to take part in the Click a Tree initiative and to act against climate change.

Make a commitment to the natural world by planting a tree today! Get rooted in the campaign by registering here.

Take a deep breath and make a commitment now. Read more on The Challenge.

Find more information about combating climate change on

Where are YOU going to plant your TREE?

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