ECOVILLAGE BRASIL – On the path to the sustainability of the being

ECOVILLAGE BRASIL – On the path to the sustainability of the being

The documentary directors of “ECOVILLAGE BRAZIL – ON THE PATH TO THE SUSTAINABILITY OF THE BEING” visited 10 places to understand what aspects and values ​​Ecovillages are bringing to humanity and how they can contribute to a paradigm shift of our civilization model.
In 1998, Ecovillages were officially named by the UN as one of the 100 best practices for Sustainable Development.

The film addresses a vision of integral sustainability, in its economic, ecological, social and world view dimensions. Moving on to topics such as permaculture, forms of governance, decision making, leadership, shared economy and conflict resolution.

With a light script, accessible and at the same time with deep content, the documentary demystifies and clarifies many aspects of community life, through testimonies of those who live this experience, showing that it is possible, feasible and even close to our daily life a more sustainable path, starting from another point of view, no longer of competition or separation but of collaboration and in common union.

The whole project was carried out in a collaborative way, from the capture of resources through a crowdfunding by the platform O Sujeito – Catarse, to all the production made with the collaboration of friends, partners and Producer ITmix. In this year 2017, after another successful crowdfunding campaing, a book based on the experience of the film Ecovillage Brazil will be released with even more content, contributing to the deepening and development of this theme in Brazil.

Brazilian Ecovillage Movement – Self-Sustainable Communities

Brasil as a birthplace of a new civilization Eco villages,  future of the world and a new model of sustainable, planetary civilization.


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