#HipHop + #Education = #Edutainment

#HipHop + #Education = #Edutainment

What happens when one of the world’s oldest and most revered form of communication meets hip-hop culture? Magic. Explore how this modern version of poetry influences learning and helps students both think and communicate in new and powerful ways. Presented by Ken Arkind, Executive Director Denver Minor Disturbance. Ken is joined onstage by Brave New Voices Youth Poetry Slam Champion, Amal Kassir.

What happens when hip hop culture, young people, and poetry meet: Ken Arkind at TEDxDenverTeachers


Hip-Hop’s Place in Education | Nathan Brault | TEDxBeloit

Nathan Brault is a Janesville, Wisconsin native and graduate of Beloit College; a rapper and educator. His presentation, titled “Hip-Hop’s Place in Education,” tells us about the power of hip-hop and the role it can play in the classroom and in the lives of young people today.

Nathan Brault is a hip-hop artist and rising educator from Janesville, Wisconsin. A recent Education Youth Studies and Sociology graduate from Beloit College, Nathan began making mixtapes and performing at age 17 using the stage name Troy Nathans. During his third year at Beloit College, he was introduced to the concept of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy. Upon realizing that hip-hop was being used as an effective pedagogical lens in educational settings, he sought to participate in those spaces. He has since interned at the Black Box Theater Program at Washburn High School in Minneapolis, written a thesis entitled, “Hip-Hop Pedagogy, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and the Fifth Element of Hip-Hop: A Synthesis,” and continues to write and perform across the midwest. He plans on releasing his first album later this year and he will be directing a hip-hop workshop series with high school youth that focuses on topics surrounding knowledge of self and social justice.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Hip hop, grit, and academic success: Bettina Love at TEDxUGA



This impassioned talk explains how students who identify with Hip Hop culture have been ignored or deemed deficient in schools because of mainstream misconceptions associated with Hip Hop culture. Through Hip Hop, these students embody the characteristics of grit, social and emotional intelligence, and the act improvisation- all of which are proven to be predictors for academic success. So where is the break down between formalized education and the potential for success for these students? Dr. Love argues that ignoring students’ culture in the classroom is all but an oversight; it’s discrimination and injustice that plays out in our culture in very dangerous ways.!divAbstract

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