Like an old oak tree with deep strong roots! Robert Ellis @MahoganyHall Bern

Like an old oak tree with deep strong roots! Robert Ellis @MahoganyHall Bern

Like most of the successful modern country musicians, Robert Ellis, lives and records in Nashville, Tennessee but his roots are in small town America, just outside of Houston, Texas. Since releasing his first LP, The Great Rearranger in 2009, Ellis has been on the move touring internationally and recording songs that reflect iconic wandering American song-writer. Robert Ellis has shared the prestigious Lincoln Center stage with country legends Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, and is performing again this year at the innovative and internationally renowned Newport Folk Festival. Themes of rural life and George Jones covers have a particular classic country appeal in Ellis’ music, while guitar riffs, sweeping melodies, and driving drums anchor his music firmly in the realm of pop and rock’n’roll.

Line up: Robert Ellis (vocal, guitar, keys) , Kelly Doyle (guitar), Tank Lisenbe (drums, vocals), Geoffrey Muller (bass)

Spray Vodka on the armpits!  – Robert Ellis


Geoffrey Muller (bass) looks a bit like Barney Stinson. Doesn’t he?


Rober Ellis with Trummer and Rolf Luginbühl 

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