The Match 4 Africa – For the benefit of the Roger Federer Foundation – Peanuts for the poor!

The Match 4 Africa – For the benefit of the Roger Federer Foundation – Peanuts for the poor!

Roger Federer plays tennis. Nothing unusual so far. Well, today he did it for Africa – in Seatle. Let’s have a closer look at the whole picture:

Starbucks, Rolex, Microsoft and Nike are sponsoring the Match for Africa 4.

Roger Federer Net Worth: $350 Million (2016)

Ranked No. 3 by the Association of Tennis Professionals, Roger Federer has a net worth of $350 million. The tennis pro earned a staggering $58 million off endorsements and $9 million in prize money between June 2014 and June 2015, according to data from Statista.

Federer has spent more time as No. 1 on ATP rankings than any other tennis player. By 2014, he was No. 1 for 302 weeks over three separate time periods. He’s won 17 Grand Slams in men’s singles.

Let’s have a look at the numbers of Match for Africa 2, and  3:

Source: Annual Report 2016

Let’s compare these numbers:

And now I have to sum-up my conclusion and write some poetry…



Peanuts for the poor

by Stefan{at}MyTree.CH for Roger and his Foundation

Dear Roger,

About your real motivation, I am not so sure
But you donate some peanuts for the poor.

Starbucks fails the Fair-Trade-Test, quite a bit
and possibly there is a problem. Can you smell it?
Fair Trade certified of its coffee are just 8.5 percent
Who will pay their tax-avoidance-bills in the end?

By the way, there is a heavy Rolex on your wrist
Do you feel it when you make your winner-fist?
From which country comes most of the gold?
It might come from illegal African mines – I was told.

To cut its tax bill Microsoft moves profits offshore
Like this, they have money for The Match for Africa 4
145$ a month a factory worker makes in Hanoi
466$ in Beijing, so let’s move to Vietnam! Boy oh Boy!

Nike -There is no doubt -They just do it as well
They abuse the poor ones and most likely end-up in hell
The question at the end is: Who benefits most?
Is it the stingy sponsor or an African ghost?

But who should we blame in this tax-avoidance game?

About your real motivation, I am still not so sure
But at least you donate some peanuts for the poor
Think about the following in your next ATP-Tour:

With your help bluechip companies get ritcher than ritch
We all know that life -specially for Africans –  is a bitch
How is this poem to be understood?
Well, dear Roger, it really looks like you are an Anti-Robin-Hood!

Nike sweatshops – Try not to cry

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