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For girls living in extreme poverty around the globe, getting their periods can be a particularly trying ordeal. Inaccessible or unaffordable sanitary items mean that many young women are left using and reusing menstrual pads over and over again—a process that can be both time-consuming and, particularly, unhygienic. What’s more, the inability to access affordable feminine sanitary products has ramifications far beyond hygiene; Stigmas against menstruation, coupled with fears over the unreliability of insufficiently cleaned pads, lead some girls in impoverished rural communities to simply sequester themselves at home during their periods, and even drop out of school entirely.

With this in mind, a team of students from the Art Center College of Design has created “Flo,” a multi-purpose device that allows women living in poverty to more effectively clean, dry, and carry around their reusable menstrual pads, thereby making periods safer, and less disruptive to their lives.

 This Is “Flo” – A Simple Device Making Menstruation Safer for Girls Living in Poverty



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