#MyTreeMusicMonday #Change “Man in the Mirror” by Fred Smith

#MyTreeMusicMonday #Change “Man in the Mirror” by Fred Smith

Fred Smith the man in the mirror… Once upon a time (in 2013) on a cold winterday Fred was playing the guitar in the streets of #Sion… And there is this moment when you don’t want coins but the only thing you want is real #CHANGE ! Thank you Fred, for this #treetastic song!


Fred Smith a human being with four strings and a bicycle…

Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror (Official Video)

JOYFUL NOISE “Man in the Mirror” full scene 2012

New MJ Documentary: March, 2017 (Man in the Mirror) with Earnest Valentino

Earnest Valentino makes several appearances as the adult Michael Jackson throughout the Documentary which shows the pain, and suffering Michael Jackson endured while being used, abused, and accused from those he thought were his friends.

Dialog zwischen Isabelle Ritter und Marena Whitcher (Musikerinnen)

R.I.P. Polo Hofer