Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

If you have a daughter, you need to see this. “Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls” will not only be an opportunity to inspire young girls through the adventures of these unconventional women, it will also be a collection of portraits created by some of the most talented female artists of our time.

Our daughters deserve a new kind of fairy tale, that’s why we created “Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls”. Get it here:



Dylan Sanford2 weeks ago

See what I don’t get is the fact that there are people who feel that there needs to be diversity in every single book/movie/video game etc. I’m all for diversity if it makes sense, and doesn’t interfere with the story; however, I feel that when some people add diversity to a book/movie/video game that they’re doing it to push some sort of political agenda. Look at the remake of ghost busters. The fact that the main cast was all female didn’t bother me. What bothered me is that they used a classic and beloved film to push feminist ideology that is seen enough in every other form of media. Why does it matter if the main character is a straight white male instead of a black/white/Asian/Hispanic etc female? There have been plenty of books and movies where I can relate to a character that wasn’t my same race or gender. Katniss Everdeen, Ripley Scott, Hazel Grace Lancaster, and Lara Croft just to name a few.

I wish we would stop caring so much about the chromosomes and melanin levels of characters, and focus on what the story and characters are about. But I’m a white male, so obviously, my privilege tells me otherwise.

( That was a joke, in case you couldn’t tell).

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