#MyTreeMusicMonday with Hans Zimmer – Time (Extended) | Inception

#MyTreeMusicMonday with Hans Zimmer – Time (Extended) | Inception

It’s never to late to listen to the music of Hans Zimmer…


It ticks. As fast as the light flick when bulb needs fix. The switch when the shut of eye lids. Dream. Are you in another’s. Was it all you wanted. Did you hate the wake. Did you want to repeat that day. Was there more to say. A pasture. A mountain. A symbol of hope that’s wanted. Daunted. Were you haunted. Nightmare. The get up would then be fresh air. A drink of water. Pouring until it fills taller. That in the mind must’ve been agony. Luckily that isn’t you’re reality. Hopefully. The days can feel as a pinch be. Do you know what I mean. It can also be fortified like how it is when you’re head lies. Structure it how you would since you can control it. Mold it unto your own. You are you and not a clone. Some feel as if they truly don’t know what is home. Time. As long as you breathe you should be fine. Be thankful and kind before the clock is done with its wind. And all your left with is the constant spin of an object. Achieve your happiness, accomplishments before as we know it is finished.

Alotta Deez

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