Interview with Lydia Spencer about tattoo skin-aftercare

Interview with Lydia Spencer about tattoo skin-aftercare

Lydia Spencer always searched for the purest and the best in skin-care and hair-care. It was hard to find any products (that didn’t cost a fortune) that were completely free of chemicals. Because of this, She started making her own products. Here is a short interview with her:


Hello Lydia. Who are you and why did you start to make your own skin-products?

I’ve always been interested in natural health. Ever since I was a teenager I would experiment with natural products and always look for new ways of treating my skin with products that were chemical-free. I’ve had persistent skin issues since puberty and I tried many acne products but they never made any difference for me. I turned to using only the most natural and nourishing products and I experimented with making my own – they worked much better than anything I had purchased from the store. I never thought I would make a business out of it, but after going to art school and managing a business for someone else, I realized that I had all the tools to start my own business. My job was very high-stress and it had taken a toll on my health. I needed to get back to my creativity and do something I loved. So, that’s how Nature Goddess was created. 

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Are the commercial products so bad for the skin?

There are actually plenty of products out there that are good for your skin. The problem is, they cost a fortune! I wanted to create something that was simple, nourishing, and affordable for everyone. I also wanted to create a product that would stand for something, and empower women to care for themselves with completely natural products; and I wanted them to be beautiful. 

What is the diffence in your goddess-boxes? 

A unique thing about my products is that I don’t use any water is my lotions.
Which means that I don’t have to use any preservatives. All my products are pure, concentrated nourishment for your skin. 

Do you develop these products yourself? 

Yes, I develop them completely by myself. From recipe to label design. It is a total creative process for me to come up with a product idea and a goddess, then bring them together to create a product. 

Do you need to do dermatological tests?

There is no requirement for dermatologist testing when your business is under a certain size. There are certain approved ingredients and unnapproved ones. But, because I am using completely safe and holistic ingredients that are safe, there would be no need for testing. 

Why is tattoo after-care important? How do you reommend to treat the tattoos?

Tattoo aftercare is important because a tattoo is basically an open-wound and it can get infected very easily.
Having something that will not only protect but encourage quick healing is important. A lot of tattoo aftercare salves that you buy have ingredients that are irritating to the skin, like mineral oil and dyes. 

Do you ship Worldwide?

Yes, I do offer worldwide shipping on my website:

What is your next product good for?

My newest product is for dry skin. I live in a cold climate and dry skin is a big issue in the winter. So I created Winter Goddess to help sooth and heal dry winter skin. 


Do you support any charity-organisation?

Not yet, but I hope to do something in the future with women’s organizations that help victims of abuse. Women, in particular are subjected to abuse because of their lack of power. I would love to help women who have been victimized regain their power and independence. That’s a part of what Nature Goddess is about. But as it is my first year in business, I haven’t gotten that far yet. 

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I do now! 

Do you hug trees? (It’s good for your health!)

I do! And I live in the woods of Maine so I am surrounded by trees.
I love being able to grow my own food and be surrounded by nature. 

Thank you Lydia, for your time to answer these questions!


Here is a journey through Henry David Thoreau’s Maine woods:



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