How to make a wallet from a banana tree?

How to make a wallet from a banana tree?

A new startup company is turning old banana trees into banana ‘leather’ wallets. The sustainable company, called Green Banana Paper, is creating jobs and added income for farmers on one of the most remote islands in the world – Kosrae, Micronesia.

How to make a wallet from a banana tree?

What is banana fiber?

Banana fiber is found within the large trunk. It gives strength to the banana tree so it can hold up those heavy bananas! Banana fibers are strong and beautiful, and have been used for thousands of years throughout the islands in rope making and weaving.  Unlike most fruit trees, banana trees produce fruit just once and must be chopped down after harvest because they will self-reproduce from the base.  Normally, the trees are left in the jungle as unwanted waste.  Now on Kosrae, over 75 local farmers earn extra income from selling their trees to us.  That’s why we call it “waste to wealth”.

The fibers are naturally water resistant, and we add a thin coat of wax on the outside to protect against sweat, spills or rain. If it does get wet, just allow it to dry and you’re good to go!

Additionally, banana fiber is highly fire- and tear-resistant. With normal daily use and periodically reapplying wax or any other water repellant, this wallet will last you a long time! Did we mention it’s recyclable?

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