Monday Music!

Monday Music!

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Yes, it’s Monday! Again! And it might not be really easy for some of you to get up and go back to work after a sunny weekend! Well, here are the good news: Some musicians made songs exactly for this day! Here are a few Monday-Songs. Maybe you can add those which are missing in the list as a comment. Just copy the LINK of a youtube or vimeo-clip into the comments. Thanks a lot for watching MyTree.TV and have a wonderful Monday!

High Fidelity – Monday Tape

Aura – I will love you Monday

Bangles Manic Monday

Shiny Toy Guns – Rainy Monday (Music Video)

No And The Maybes – Monday Music Video

Is It Monday? – The Blissters (Music Video)

Melanie Fiona – Monday Morning (LYRICS)

Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays (Live SPOB 1981)

Paul McCartney – Meat Free Monday Song

En Français? C’est la même chose!

Comme un Lundi

C’est lundi

Michel Delpech ce lundi


“Peace on Earth”