#Paleo2017 – Village du Monde 2017

#Paleo2017 – Village du Monde 2017

The Festival is sold-out, but 1500 tickets will be put on sale at 9 a.m. each morning of the event on, as well as at Ticketcorner outlets. No tickets will be on sale at the Festival site.

Village du Monde 2017


The traditions of Central America are fascinatingly rich. The region has been the backdrop to a solar explosion of musical genres, culinary specialities, decorative adornments and beliefs. Beyond traditions and customs, youth has also been taking the best from collective cultural heritage and reflecting this as they revisit their heritage through the prism of the 21st century. The Village du Monde extends a warm invitation to all to come and discover a timeless space, between Aztec motifs and festive banners, and attempt the ascension of one of the three contemporary Mayan temples in a spicy and festive atmosphere.


The stage and bar of the Escale nestle in the heart of one of the Mayan temples, offering a festive experience and a convivial setting. Sip a cocktail glowing with colours in Frida Kahlo’s salon as you watch an intimate concert by artists appearing at theDôme, or take part in dance evenings and music mixes, combining cumbia and tropical groove from yesterday and today. It’s time to meet people, share and have a party!

Le Voyageur

A retro-cosy ambiance invites you to come and sit down in this bar decorated with souvenirs picked up on myriad travels. Discover a wide range of beers from the four corners of the planet. Piñatas with seven horns representing the devil and the seven deadly sins will be broken by whoever wishes to do so on the first and last days of the festival to pay tribute to Mexican tradition. Evil is destroyed with blows from sticks and gives way to the sweets that are released!

Bon appétit!

Given that a good part of travel and evasion pass by the taste buds, you’ll be able to sample insect-filled tacos, tropical chicken, grilled langoustes, all sorts of arepas, burritos, guacamole accompanied by nachos, fajitas, quesadillas, alternative burgers, roasted pineapple, coconut flan … and many other succulent specialities. The Village du Monde has three bars: L’Escale and its cocktails, the Voyageur and its offer of world beers and the Chardonnay for those who prefer wine.

Social partner

Every year, Paléo welcomes an association working in one of the countries invited to the Village. In 2017, the Festival is delighted to welcome SWISSAID, an NGO dedicated to aid and development projects in 9 African countries, Latin America and Asia. In the context of Paléo, it will be presenting its clean drinking water access project in the poverty-stricken village of San Ramón in Nicaragua.



Social organisation invited by the Festival

Created in 1948, SWISSAID organises aid and development projects in 9 African countries, Latin America and Asia. Their philosophy? Give a helping hand to poverty-stricken families so that they can live a dignified life. Essentially developed in rural areas, their projects put the emphasis on:

  • Ecologically sustainable agriculture
  • Prevention of hunger
  • Secure water supply
  • Support for local civil society
  • Women’s autonomy

Bringing drinking water to 248 families in Nicaragua

The project that SWISSAID will be presenting to festivalgoers at the 2017 Paléo Festival involves bringing fresh water supply to the particularly poor locality of San Ramón in Nicaragua: local families subsist with only 1 franc per person per day. SWISSAID is committed to providing access to fresh drinking water for the 248 farming families of this community thanks to the following activities:

  • Analysis of water quality and spring flow rates
  • Reforestation of the area around water sources to provide for their protection
  • Construction and renovation of water pipes
  • Construction of latrines and waste-water disposal systems
  • Setting up of local water and sewage management committees
  • Awareness raising amongst families about hygiene and the protection and preservation of water sources

In only one year, with a modest budget of CHF 120’000.- and the commitment of the recipient families, these activities will result in:

  • Improving access to drinking water and the elimination of sewage. A very positive impact on the health of the 1252 people who make up the 248 rural farming families and on the reduction of illness amongst young children.
  • Guaranteeing sustainable access to clean water, thanks to the ecological protection of springs and their long-term management by local water committees, in collaboration with the municipal authorities.

SWISSAID can count on the generosity of thousands of donors in Switzerland to finance its development projects. And you, why not make a donation?


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