Printable #solar cells that are flexible and lightweight

Printable #solar cells that are flexible and lightweight

Imagine a future with printed solar cells – lining the walls of our buildings, the rooves of our houses, the windows of our skyscrapers, the tops of our cars. Solar energy everywhere for everyone.

Pilot-scale production is now ready for expansion

“By developing new organic materials and solar cell device architectures, we have achieved power conversion efficiencies of around 9 per cent on small-scale devices. Our pilot-scale, roll-to-roll printing lines have successfully fabricated 10 × 10 centimetre flexible solar modules, and we have recently begun printing even larger solar modules up to A3 size.

Our rapidly expanding efforts on hybrid organic-inorganic solar inks are also resulting in significant advances in the performance of our large-area printed solar cells. We are keen to focus our technology on specific applications, and can now produce pilot-scale quantities for incorporation into a wide range of prototypes.

The low barriers to entry mean this technology can provide new opportunities for Australian manufacturing, opening up new markets and new jobs.”


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