Sharm El Sheikh, Borneo and Malaysia!

Sharm El Sheikh, Borneo and Malaysia!

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Red Sea Sharm El Sheikh (26min)

Borneo and Malaysia (54min)

Turtle Song

Giant turtles vs vultures – BBC wildlife

Sing a song of cities: Jaime Lerner on

With maverick flair and a strategist’s disdain for accepted wisdom, Jaime Lerner re-invented urban space in his native Curitiba, Brazil. He talks about how to revolutionize bus transit, awaken green consciousness in a populace accustomed to litter and blight, and change the way city planners and bureaucrats worldwide conceive what’s possible within the tangled structure of the metropolitan landscape. (Recorded March 2007 in Monterey, California. Duration: 15:42.)

By the way: Don’t you think E.T. looks like a turtle? Did Steven Spielberg just copy a turtle?


REM – Kunterbunte Geschichten (13/16)

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