#MyTreeMusicMonday with Jimi Hendrix “One Rainy Wish”

#MyTreeMusicMonday with Jimi Hendrix “One Rainy Wish”

Jimi Hendrix Lyrics

“One Rainy Wish”

Golden rose, the color of the dream I had
Not too long ago
A misty blue and the lillac too
A never to grow old.

A there you were under the tree of song
Sleeping so peacefully
In your hand a flower played
A waiting there for me.

I have never
Laid eyes on you
Not like a before
This timeless day
A but you walked and ya ha
Once smiled my name
And you stole
My heart away
A stole my heart away little girl, yeah
All right !

Golden rose, the color of the dream I had
Not too long ago
Misty blue and lillac too
A never to grow old.

Golden rose, the color of the dream I had
Misty blue and lillac too
Golden rose, the color of the dream I had
Misty blue and lillac too
Gold and rose, gold and rose, gold and rose.

It’s only a dream
I’d love to tell somebody about this dream
The sky was filled with a thousand stars
While the sun kissed the mountains blue
And eleven moons played across rainbows
Above me and you.
Gold and rose the color of the velvet walls surround us.

Background and style

“One Rainy Wish” was “one of Jimi [Hendrix]’s many songs born out of a dream”.[1] The style of guitar playing displayed by Hendrix is said to be reminiscent of that of American jazz guitarists Jim Hall and Wes Montgomery, according to fellow guitarist Mike Stern, who said the following about the song:

His playing is so lyrical. It has that same singing quality that I dig in Jim Hall’s playing or Wes Montgomery’s playing. But the thing about Hendrix was that he had that sound, he could achieve that lyrical feeling with a fatter sound on his Strat than you could get with a regular hollow-bodied jazz guitar.[3]

Do you think music has a meaning?

The following interview is so funny! You have to watch it!

Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing


Well she’s walking through the clouds
With a circus mind
That’s running wild
Butterflies and zebras and moonbeams
And fairly tales,
That’s all she ever thinks about
Riding the wind
When I’m sad she comes to me
With a thousand smiles
She gives to me free
It’s alright, she says
It’s alright
Take anything you want from me
Fly on, little wing


Lyrics and interpretation

In discussing his lyrics, Jimi Hendrix was characteristically enigmatic. In a 1967 interview, he explained “Most ballads come across in different ways. Sometimes you see things in different ways than other people see it. So then you write it in a song. It could represent anything”.[25] In different interviews, he acknowledged an American Indian-influence on his songs “I Don’t Live Today“, “May This Be Love“, and “Little Wing”.[26] He described “Little Wing” as being “based on a very, very simple Indian style”,[12] perhaps referring to some Native American mythologies in which spirits inhabit nature and animals, including birds. In one interview, he saw it as self-explanatory: “That’s exactly what it’s about, like ‘She’s walking through the clouds'”,[26]

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