#MyTreeUnCut – Let’s keep it raw & real!

#MyTreeUnCut – Let’s keep it raw & real!

What do you do when your favorite cutter gets hired by a TV-Station and you don’t have the time to cut all the video-content yourself? For those who don’t know it: Video-Post-Production is a pain in the ass. You can spend hours to fix 1 Million little details and you really miss the forest for the trees… And once you are done the artist or person in the video wants to change everything again… and again and yes… again…

The solution is astonishingly simple: Let’s just don’t cut anymore! 

Wait, just don’t cut anymore? Well, in the future our MoJo’s will try to think while they are filming that there will be absolutely no cut or post-production at all. In order to go *on air* with our videos in a timely manner we made a very strict decision. Let’s keep it simple and real.

We intend to show the real world. Raw and un-cut.

In real-life there are no subtitles. Either you like this style or you hate it. Or maybe you are like 95% of the people and you just don’t care. Please let us know what you think about this un-cut-style… Just scroll down to leave a comment. Thank you.

Here are our first 3 #MyTreeUnCut Videos…

Tagträumer (Day-Dreamer) by Noé Gonzales

In this clip the Youtube-Video-Stabilizer and auto-corrector was used… Two clicks. Wow, that was a very quick video-post-production. 😉 You can listen to his voice and his band again at the next OpenMic in Bern… Noé Gonzales is not playing with his own band in the video above… So, you really need to see him and his band live on Wedensday, 14th of June 2017 | 8pm in the MahoganyHall in Bern!


Gabi the organizer of the OpenMic@MahoganyHall !

Give your feedback to the artist directly within the youtube clip.

It’s always a pleasure to see Gabriela on stage. She is doing a #treetastic job at the Mahogany Hall in Bern! In some MyTreeUnCut-Videos you will have the possibility to give a direct-feedback to the artist. Yes, this is really possible within the video… Look in the upper right-hand corner when the video is playing… There is an information appearing… Give them them a feedback and show that you care!

Gili Keren with his Superpower

It’s much easier to film during daylight… GILI KEREN is a clown and circus artist who cares. But his problem is that the people don’t care. He needs all his super-power to make them clap or interact… It must be very sad to be a clown… sometimes…

Please let us know what you think about this MyTreeUnCut-style… Just scroll down to leave a comment. Thank you.

If you don’t like to write comments you can also support us with a little Paypal-donation. Make This Recurring (Monthly)  😉  

We intend to buy a better camera to film in low-light-places like the Mahogany-Hall…

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