We The Educators – A new conversation about the future of public education

We The Educators – A new conversation about the future of public education

“How would you like your child’s education, personalised or standardised?”

We The Educators is a project brought to you by Education International, The Alberta Teachers’ Association and The Canadian Teachers’ Federation– designed to start a new conversation about the future of public education.


Supported by a detailed literature review the project explores the impact of educational technology and the personalisation, standardisation, privatisation and datafication of public education.

The launch, at the Unite for Quality Education and Leadership Conference on May 3rd in Rotterdam, will also see the release of 5 animated films produced by Graham Brown-Martin. Released in 3 languages into the Creative Commons, the films are intended to kickstart a vital conversation in the public domain between parents, teachers and policy makers.

It is hoped that this project will stimulate a rich public dialogue — and greater professional scrutiny — around the relationship between the datafication of education systems and the (de)personalisation, privatisation and standardisation of student learning.

And we need your help.

We invite colleagues and advocates for quality public education worldwide to draw on this research and to share the videos to hold and continue the conversations.

From May 3rd the conversations will begin on these platforms:

Please follow, like and connect to these platforms.

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