Mr Box – A Short Film on Sustainability & What The Health

Mr Box – A Short Film on Sustainability & What The Health

An animation film that won The Filmmaker’s Achievement Award for the Outlook for Someday film competition. The film shows us how bad the world has gotten in relation to how is has been. Hopefullt this encourages you to make a change for the better.


What The Health full documentary film

Full version of the new documentary ‘What The Health’ Makers of Cowspiracy.

After showing this to my family, they have now gone vegan, my stepdad used to hunt for pleasure before we met him, I have had heated discussions and arguments with my family about veganism over the last 3 years trying to convince them to transition for the better, and this has finally tipped them over to make the most ethical and healthiest lifestyle choice! Result!

Factory farming of animals and plants is extremely toxic and must stop. GMO’s must go. Deadly pesticides and herbicides must go. Organic, non GMO, sustainable , small family biodynamic farming is the way. Hemp is a great source of nutrition and protein and is 100% sustainable and grows like a weed, no pun intended šŸ˜‰

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